Benefits of being a member

"Collaborative research provides participating companies with an invaluable knowledge lead, securing their own competitive advantages." Franz-Josef Paus, FVB Board Member

Companies that participate in the FVB

Through their involvement in the projects and access to status and final reports, member companies benefit from a decisive knowledge advantage. The company-specific application of the results and the further development into innovative products ensures competitive advantages. The networking of other members and scientific institutes offers myriad potential for all areas of a company. The transfer of results into standardisation enables targeted influence on standards, guidelines, and laws.

No objections to joint research!

Joint research means that the participating companies collectively define topics for research projects. All partners work together to realise these projects. The aim is to optimise the research results. The knowledge of the individual companies is used confidentially in joint research and there have been no known cases of misuse in this context to date. The FVB final report presents the results in a non-competitive manner.

Vorteile der Mitgliedschaft bei der FVB
Good reasons to participate
  • Support with project planning and application
  • Direct influence
  • Access to detailed information
  • Exclusive usage rights possible through cooperation agreement
  • Tracking projects and developments
  • Low financial outlay
  • Utilisation of the FVB network
What are the costs for the individual company?

Only those who are members of the FVB can decide on the type, content, and direction of research projects. Members are encouraged to develop ideas or to examine and, if necessary, support the ideas of other members. The Advisory Board decides on new projects at its meetings, which usually take place twice a year. A research-accompanying working group also typically meets twice a year. The members may have to contribute material resources or participate in cost allocations.

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