Industrial Collective Research

How can industrial collective research be successful in the future? How can companies continue to be motivated to research together, and above all, how can the FVB become more visible to the public?

The Future Workshop of Research Association for Construction Equipment and Plant Engineering (FVB) on February 6, 2024, in Frankfurt focused on the question of how measures can be taken to gain more attention and attractiveness for collective research. Research activities initially tie up capacities in companies, but the benefit of being able to profit from the results in the end outweighs the effort. Science and industry can support each other, acting as idea generators with specific technical challenges on one hand and as institutions providing scientific structures and methods on the other hand.


The approximately 40 participants defined tasks for communication, public relations, research funding acquisition, and recruitment of young talent in various working groups. An improved exchange of information among project participants was on the agenda, as well as the professionalization of public relations across all channels. Completed projects could be better marketed as short whitepapers, and a comprehensive compendium could be provided as a tool for students. Cross-institutional collaboration could create synergies in press work. Acquiring funding, especially at the EU level, was identified as a challenging terrain. Lobbying in Brussels is a central success factor. The question of higher membership fees for self-financing was also discussed. The chances of obtaining funding improve when research topics are relevant to as many actors in the industry as possible. Here, criteria need to be defined. The issue of attracting young talent also concerns FVB members. Seeking better contacts with young people and teachers was at the forefront of all ideas.

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